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Name: Alexandria
Age: 14
Gender: Girl
Where are you from?: California <3
On a scale from 1 to 10 how conceited are you? Hahaha...anywhere from 4-7. Depending on the situation and who it's with.
Favorite band? Way too many. A few are: The Beatles, Dashboard Confessional, The Starting Line, etc.
Favorite movie? The Notebook <3
Favorite thing to do? Anything that has to do with music, watching/going to the movies, being with people i love.
Favorite food? brownies or cookies. or any type of fruit.
Favorite non-alcoholic drink? Water, oh yeah.
Favorite alcoholic drink (if you drink)? I don't drink:( But wine is fine

Why should you be a member of this community? I'm just getting into the whole LJ thing, and communities are really cool to belong to. I also will be try my hardest to be active and to vote, etc. I also like singing in the rain;) (random, yet true)

Please post 3 or more clear pictures of yourself.

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